Maintenance costs - static control

"Energy efficient", "Economical in maintenance" - are really up-to-date issues. Lighting a building, illuminating an advertising gantry or installing a neon sign over the entrance, we pay attention to the power consumption, because we know that these devices are "silent power consumers". A device, working 24 hours a day, must be energy efficient. Each 1W of power consumption costs 4.40 PLN per year. 100W a year amounts to 440 PLN. Here is the calculating method:

1W = 0.001kW

0.001kW x 24h x 365 = 8.76 kWh (kilowatt-hours)

8.76 x 0,50 PLN = 4.40 PLN

Previously, low power consumption was associated with diode brightness and dynamic control (the obsolete solution). Low power consumption is an effect of applying modern technology (the patent of the company authorship and ownership), which allows to acquire 100% of diode brightness at its full durability.

Power consumption costs of a sample LED video screen manufactured by RGB Technology (a LED screen operating 24 hours a day):

RGB25 - 48 - 240x160 - power consumption - 422W
422W = 0.422 kWh
0.422 x 24h x 30days = 303.84 kWh
303.84 x 0.50 PLN = 152 PLN/month