The area where the LED video screen is to be installed, must meet two basic criteria: attractive location and power supply.

Attractive location
The location, to be considered attractive for installing the LED screen and for advertisers, should meet as many of the following assessment criteria as possible:

- location in densely populated areas, such as town centres, estates of detached houses, tower block housing estates, towns of more than five thousand inhabitantslocation by main streets, arterial routes,
- crossroads, roundabouts; near attractive urban facilities, such as: petrol stations, shopping centres, hypermarkets, shops, diagnostic stations, etc.good visibility of the planned LED screen (no trees or architectural - barriers covering the displayed advertising content)
- increased pedestrian and motor traffic

 Power supply
LED video screens require power supply from the monophase power grid of 230V~ , but if their size is bigger, they need three-phase power supply.

It may happen that energy pulses, exceeding the permissible level, appear in the wiring system. These overvoltages may be caused by various factors, such as lightning discharges (thunderstorms), power supply failures experienced by energy suppliers, presence of the devices causing interference within the same power system.

To protect electric devices, such as LED video screens, against overvoltages, overvoltage protection devices are applied. It is recommended that you use dual protection B+C. The protective devices appear in the form of modules mounted on a standardized DIN rail. The ones available in the market are manufactured by many different producers: e.g. Möeller, Legrand.

For monophase power supply you need 2 protective modules, while for three-phase power supply - 4 modules. Mounting and connecting the protective devices should be performed by a licensed fitter, following the producer's recommendations and meeting the required standards.

You should remember that no protection guarantees the total elimination of risk connected with the appearance of overvoltage; the risk can only be reduced.

Sample protective device (4 modules)

Signing a purchase or a lease contract
The LED screen investment may be realized on the investor's own land or on the leased land. It is worth concluding a conditional purchase or lease contract with the plot owner, which comes into force no sooner than after receiving all respective permits for this kind of investment.

Time period of a lease contract

It is worth concluding a lease contract for the longest time period possible, so that we could function uneventfully and take advantage of the growing LED screen popularity. This type of contracts are usually concluded for the period of 3 to 10 years.

Who completes the formalities?

There are two methods of completing the future formalities:

- investor in co-operation with RGB Technology files all relevant documents in the respective offices
- investor commissions a specialized architect to settle all the formal issues

Notifying of the intention to perform construction works

The LED screen, the structure of which is not permanently bound with the land by the foundation (the device mounted on e.g. foundation blocks, elevation, roof), may be installed on the basis of the notification of the intention to perform construction works.

The attachments you need to file with the notification of the intention to perform construction works in the respective District Governor's Office - Department of Architecture, are as follows:

- site map of the structure
- visualisation
- short description of the performed works
- short description of the device
- deed of ownership of the structure or the lease contract

Construction permit - LED video screens permanently bound with the land or the foundation

When the building conditions have been issued or when the site development plan provides for this type of investment, the architect may commence the preparation of documents necessary to obtain the construction permit. This documentation should include the construction plans of power, gas, or oil connections. When the application for the construction permit has been filed, the office has 2 months for considering it. If it is necessary to supplement the application, this time may be prolonged. After the application has been considered positively, the decision must come into force - it takes two weeks. Then, we may begin the installation of our LED screen

Installing and starting the LED video screen
Installing and starting the device usually takes from 1 to 3 days, depending on its size and location.