Module RGB20 - diodes THT
(raster 20mm)

Technological Characteristics:
LED - selected diodes AVAGO brand
Drivers LED - manufacturer Texas Instruments
PROCESSORS - producer NXP by Philips
POWER - producer MEAN WELL



Dimensions and parameters of color display module:  
Width 320mm
Height 320mm
Thickness 1,4cm
Weight 2,0kg
Pixels 16x16
Pixels 1R, 1G, 1B

7.000 Cd/m2 (7.000 nit)

Colors 16 777 216
Horizontal viewing angle 100°
The vertical viewing angle 40°
Voltage 230V 50Hz
Maximum power consumption (the value for 1 m2) 255W
Average power consumption (the value for 1 m2) 100W
Operating temperature range od -20°C do +70°C
Moisture range do 99%

RGB Technology Competitive Advantage:

- Own group assembly - service.
- Short delivery times.
- Our own product development.
- No moving parts (fans) and the use of LEDs with high efficiency for low power consumption.
- The possibility of formatting devices based on modules (any size).
- Lightweight modular construction