Technological advantages


– light weight of the structure ensures quick assembly

– maintenance of the LCD screen from the front – eliminates the need of making a steel structure to support the screen

– power supply units made by the renowned manufacturer MEAN WELL guarantee the failure-free operation of the LCD screen

– NXP processors by Philips

– selected diodes CREE and AVAGO brand

- drivery Texas Instruments – American company, leading manufacturer of semiconductors


Device features

The development of our new, innovative technology for full colour displays has resulted in designing the equipment which is:
- light (only 18kg/m2 – the weight of competitive equipment is approx. 60-80 kg). RGB Technology LED screens can be installed at every, even the most untypical location.
- energy-efficient (only 110W/m2 – the power consumption of competitive equipment is approx. 600W/m2 of energy). In comparison to other solutions available on the market, ours are min. 4 times more economical.
- of modular structure (simple installation and front access for easy maintenance). Competitive equipment provides rear installation and service. It increases the costs of the created structure and of its service.
- of thin-profile structure (module thickness – approx. 1 cm). Competitive devices are about ten times as thick.
- resistant to all atmospheric conditions (it works in the temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C). The equipment has achieved the rating of protection against the intrusion of liquids meeting  IP67 standards (protection against the effects of immersion in water up to 1m of submersion).
- possible to be developed at any time to any size by the investor.



RGB Technology distinguishing features
The anti-reflective surface patented by RGB Technology has enabled obtaining black background and eliminating plastic shades between diodes.



The LED video screens manufactured by RGB Technology are constructed from panels. The horizontal and vertical LED screen size is a multiple of a single panel size. The panels are screwed to the aluminium frame. Around the display, along the rim, there is an aluminium masking profile in black. Power supply and control wiring for each panel is conducted along the inner frame.