We are pleased to offer LED video screens manufactured in our factory. The screens are designed for outdoor, large-format applications. Their unique, modular structure developed by the RGB Technology Product Development Department can easily compete with the imported equipment.


RGB Technology manufactures products in 7 different raster diodes

RGB8 (SMD diodes) RGB10 (SMD diodes)



RGB12 (SMD diodes)
RGB16 (SMD diodes)



RGB20 (THT diodes)
RGB25 (THT diodes)



RGB30 (THT diodes)



RGB Technology Advantage.


Low power consumption
Energy prices are continuously increasing – successful business depends, among others, on the operation costs of equipment.

Using our equipment will allow you to save substantial amounts of money.


Energy efficiency – A notable asset of RGB Technology

You start saving in the first month!
The applied technological solutions have allowed us to reduce the costs of power consumption.

An example of electric power costs on the basis of the LED video screen of the size of 20m2.

Monthly range Annual range 10-year’ range
RGB Technology
LED video screen.
Average power consumption 110W/m2
RGB Technology
LED video screen.
Average power consumption 110W/m2
RGB Technology
LED video screen.
Average power consumption 110W/m2
LCD video screen
of a competitive brand.
Average power consumption 600W/m2
LCD video screen
of a competitive brand.
Average power consumption 600W/m2
LCD video screen
of a competitive brand.
Average power consumption 600W/m2



Light structure

RGB Technology equipment vs. heavy cabinets of the competition.
Thanks to our innovative technology our devices are much lighter than the competitive equipment.
They weigh only 18kg/m2. The average weight of the competitive equipment is 60kg/m2.

The weight chart on the basis of the LCD video screen of the size 20m2.

No fans and moving components

RGB Technology has developed an innovative technology, thanks to which there is no need to use cooling fans as well as many other components influencing the LCD screen power consumption. The equipment installed and serviced from the front. No need of steelwork when installing directly on the facade.
Eliminating fans and moving components ensures low failure frequency of the RGB Technology equipment.

Module to construct RGB Technology LCD video screens Module (cabinet) to construct competitive LCD video screens



The RGB Technology LED video screens are controlled by personal computers equipped with the Windows operating system. The RGB LedPlayer software allows us to display all animations, created in such programs as Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere, etc., or video files. The extension supported by the software are as follows: *.avi, *.bmp, *.mov, *.mpg, *.swf, *.wmp, etc.

We would like to draw your special attention to the fact that rear access to the device is not necessary (front access is provided for all installation and maintenance activities). While installing the equipment on an elevation, we avoid applying an additional steel structure. We provide transport, warranty and technical support. Our product is entirely domestic - in 100% manufactured in Poland.

Competitive advantage of RGB Technology:

- lack of cabinets (light modular structure)
- possibility to format the equipment basing on modules (all sizes available).
- lack of moving parts (fans) and application of high efficiency diodes ensures low power consumption
- our own Product Development Department
- prompt delivery
- our own installation and service teams.



RGB LedPlayer program is designed to co-operate with colour LED video screens manufactured by RGB Technology Partnership.

Operation principles:
The program sends a chosen fragment of the image displayed on the monitor to the display. It allows you to display all animations created in such programs as Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Premiere, etc., and played with the support of such programs as: Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Media Flash Player. The extensions supported by the software are as follows: *.avi, *.mpg, *.swf, *.bmp, etc.
Additionally, the program enables:
- setting the animation brightness for every hour individually,
- automatic playing the animation after the program startup,
- automatic running the Windows Media Player program with a selected playlist.
These features allow hands-off operation of the program.

RGB SHOW program is used to generate and play the contents (video animations, current information: time / date / temperature) to be displayed on the RGB Technology LED screen. In addition, the program enables generating reports on the played contents.

RGB Raport jest programem służącym do tworzenia raportów z wyświetlanych spotów reklamowych. Dokładnie oblicza ilość oraz czas transmisji poszczególnych reklam. Współpracuje z aplikacją RGB SHOW.